Black Comedy

by Peter Shaffer

Presented October 11, 2008

The Cast
Brindsley Miller ..... Lane Smiley
Carol Melkett ..... Autumn Davenport
Miss Furnival ..... Allison Wheat
Colonel Melkett ..... Kaleb King
Harold Gorringe ..... Chisholm Holland
Schuppanzigh ..... Alex Fine
Clea ..... Hannah Barton
George Bamberger ..... Tyler Fikes

Set Construction
Stagecraft Class:
Chadell George, Halston Harris, Katie Kinsey, Taylor Leippe,
Ross Martin, Kasey McConnell, Maegan Sanders, Kaitlin Seeley, Lane Smiley,
Cody Smith, Sidni Southerland, Candace Williams, Dalton Wortham

Laura Alsobrook

Lights & Sound
Kasey McConnell

Student Director
Savannah Gibbs

Directed by
Paula McConnell


The Cast of "Black Comedy"