The Butler Did It

by Tim Kelly

Presented October 11, 2014

The Cast
Haversham ..... Rylee Rich
Rita ..... Destiny Nowlin
Miss Maple ..... Shae Ellsworth
Father White ..... Nathan Fikes
Chandler Marlowe ..... Tyler Gibbs
Louie Fan ..... Dylan Vansill
Rick Carlyle ..... Landry Cooper
Laura Carlyle ..... Hannah Tribbey
Peter Flimsey ..... Cole Cloyd
Charity Haze ..... Makayla Ortega

Set Construction
Stagecraft Class:
Kayden Brite, Landry Cooper, Shannon Crosby, Jordyn Eggers,
Logan Knox, Brady Melton, Beau Meshell, Morgan Smith,
Alyssa Tipton, Jakobi White, and Olivia Williams

Lights & Sound
Aaron Young & Natalia Hall

Props & Costumes
Tristyn Genn & Kallie Slate

Student Director
Kassandra Norris

Directed by
Paula McConnell



The Cast of "The Butler Did It"

Makayla    Destiny    Tyler    Cole    Rylee    Nathan    Shae    Dylan    Hannah    Landry

Rylee        Dylan        Nathan        Cole        Shae        Landry        Hannah        Tyler

Stagecraft and the finished set