by Neil Simon

Presented October 14, 2006

The Cast
Leon Tolchinsky ..... Nathan Holland
Snetsky the sheep herder ..... Kyle Brown
Magistrate ..... Jessica Bailey
Slovitch the shopkeeper ..... Morgan Graham
Mishkin the postman ..... Craig Gibson
Yenchna the vendor ..... Maisey Varnell
Dr. Zubritsky ..... Chance Gibbs
Lenya Zubritsky ..... Whitney Farmer
Sophia Zubritsky ..... Rebekah McGee
Count Gregor Yousekevitch ..... Dawson Wiginton

Set Construction
Stagecraft Class:
Josh Boles, Amber Brown, Kevin Davis, Rachel Enos, Amy Henry,
Matthew Lane, Caleb Louthen, Bjorn Miller, Heather Montgomery,
Brandy Rankin, Lane Smiley, Holly Titus, Shelby Youngblood

Joe Hines, Sidni Southerland

Tiffany Farmer, Morgan Rice, Stacy O'Neal

Sound & Lights
Laura Alsobrook

Student Director
Allison Raborn

Directed by
Paula McConnell


The Cast of "Fools"

The teacher, the Zubritskys, and the villagers

The good and the bad

The village of Kulyenchikov