I Bet Your Life

by Fred Carmichael

Presented October 15, 2005

The Cast
Stacy Kingsley ..... Megan Cole
Gregory Larson ..... Jed Copley
Matthew Stoddard ..... Dawson Wiginton
Laura Pudney ..... Whitney Farmer
Gerta ..... Katy King
Burton Finley ..... Nathan Holland
Lila Langforth ..... Morgan Graham
Henrietta Squires ..... Maisey Varnell
Ira Watson ..... Joe Hines

Producer and Technical Director
Paula McConnell

Set Construction
Stagecraft Class:
Josh Boles, Kyle Brown, Chance Gibbs, Henry Gorton,
Amy Henry, Tell Judkins, Caleb Louthen, Alyssa Murch,
Brittany Payne, Brandy Rankin, Taysia Stephens, Jake Williams

Allison Raborn, Craig Gibson

Sound & Lights
Tell Judkins, Chance Gibbs

Student Director
Brad Nations

Directed by
Gary McConnell


The Cast of "I Bet Your Life"

Jed Copley, Dawson Wiginton, Megan Cole(left) and Katy King (right)