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The Pajama Game

music and lyrics by Richard Adler & Jerry Ross
book by George Abbott & Richard Bissell
based on Bissell's novel "7 Cents"

Presented November 11, 1989

The Cast
Sid Sorokin ..... Rodney Holmstrom
Babe Williams ..... Misty Holman
Vernon Hines ..... Paul Sparks
Gladys ..... Melani Dawson
Prez ..... Jeff Halford
Mabel ..... Paula Morrison
Mr. Hasler ..... Ronnie Williams
Pop ..... Travis Werner
Mae ..... Brandi Baughn
Brenda ..... Tana Latham
Poopsie ..... Lori Prickett
Max ..... Alan Foley
Joe ..... David Woods
Charlie ..... Tommy Cosgrove
First Helper ..... Bobby Spain
Second Helper ..... Greg Brown
Other Factory Workers ..... Lisa Blundell, Jana Borcherding, Shonda Chesher,
Sabrina Drennan, Jason Elliott, Emily Morton, Carol Wilmeth

Jill Mansfield

Stage Manager
Sharla Price

Assistant Stage Manager
Travis Werner

Paula McConnell

Scenic and Lighting Design
Gary McConnell

Props and Costumes
Pat Patel

Brian Lockovich

Sean Fields

Chuck Pannell

Directed by
Paula McConnell
Gary McConnell

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Rodney Holmstrom, Misty Holman, Paul Sparks, Melani Dawson