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The Nerd

by Larry Shue

Presented November 6, 1999
A Revival of our production originally presented January 7, 1989


The Cast
Axel Hammond ..... Cory Wiggins
Tansy McGinnis ..... Kelsey Warren
Willum Cubbert ..... Trey McCurley
Warnock Waldgrave ..... Kevin Faulkner
Clelia Waldgrave ..... Rachel Carson
Thor Waldgrave ..... Michael McCormick
Rick Steadman ..... Cody Smith

Stage Manager
Jennifer Place

Set Construction
Stagecraft Class
Debra Coleman, Clayton Easley, Josh Gardner, Brian George, John Hines, Ray Kimbrough, Jenae Maddox, Scott Martin, Misty Patterson, Amy Sanders, Candace Skinner, Cody Smith, Heather Smith, Cory Wiggins

Background Art
Kali Hinkel

Kevin Smith

Producer & Technical Director
Paula McConnell

Directed by
Gary McConnell

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Kevin Faulkner, Cody Smith, Rachel Carson, Trey McCurley

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Cody Smith

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Cory Wiggins, Kelsey Warren, Trey McCurley

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Cory Wiggins, Kelsey Warren, Trey McCurley, Kevin Faulkner, Michael McCormick, Rachel Carson
Cody Smith